Monday, August 18, 2008

Howto: Fix Gmail's "invalid page" error on the PSP web browser

EDIT 2: Timestryder has pointed out that going to the "general" tab on Gmail settings and telling it to "always use https" works too. Try this, and if this doesn't work keep reading!

EDIT: Looking from the comments, sometimes this method does not work. I have no idea why it would work perfectly on some people's PSPs and not others. The only suggestion I have for people who's PSPs are still not working after this "fix" is to revert to default settings. I know for some this isn't an option, so the next best thing would be to change your browser settings to match mine, and make sure your firmware isn't too old. My browser settings are the default ones, accept cookies, cache size of 2048 (512 should work too), and I think that's all that should affect it. I also will make a few edits in the actual post here and there. As always, if you have any problems, post in the comments or contact me at

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Just by looking on a search engine you can see this "invalid page" error is widespread. I found a fix for it, although I might not be the first one.
"The page you have requested is invalid"

So how do you know if you have this problem?

Well, you go to or on your PSP, and you fill in the correct username and password, and then it brings you to a plain page with the words "invalid page" on it, and you can't access your gmail. Well, here is how to fix it!

When you get to the invalid page, make sure you take a look at the URL. You will need to directly edit it. If you don't know how, press "triangle" so the little bars on the top and bottom pop out. Then you will need to press UP on your D-pad, and it should highlight the address bar.

The "keyboard" should pop up, and the address won't fit all the way, but it should look something like this.
(I apologize , the pictures aren't of the best quality. Sorry!)

Now, delete the quotation mark at the end

And delete all this stuff at the very begining (keep holding down L, it's a long address!)

So it should look like this

EDIT: I have heard from somebody that removing the "http://" part will help make it work if the original solution doesn't work.

Then press Start and click "yes" through the security prompts

And ta-da! Problem fixed!

Also, this fix should work indefinetly. As in every time you go back to gmail on that PSP it should work. If it doesn't, you can just bookmark it. Well, thanks for reading, and hope I helped someone!

If you need any help, just drop me a line at or comment on this.

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